The daily HW notebook will begin on Monday, August 21, 2018.  Be sure that your child completes the assigned section every night along with 20 minutes of reading. Please log in the book read and sign the reading log every night.

Projects will be assigned throughout the year.  Ample notice will be given for longer assignments and assessments.

Grading Policy

Dekalb County Mandated Grading Policy

Grading Scale:  Weighted Averages 
A  =  90% – 100%   Excellent
B  =  80% - 89%     Good
C  =  71% - 79%     Fair
D  =  70   Passing
F  =  below 70   Failing


Grading Categories:  

     Assessment During Learning – 25%

·         Skills Assessment 

·         Quiz

·         Projects

     Guided, Independent, or Group Practice – 45%

·         Classwork

·         Project or Performance

·         Homework

     Summative Assessment or Assessment of Learning– 30%

·         Formal Post-Assessment Test

·         Culminating Project or Performance

·         Final or Culminating Exam


Extra Credit: 

Extra credit work will not be provided to improve grade averages. It is the expectation that all students work consistently throughout each grading period by completing each and every assignment when it's assigned, and turning in each one on time. 


Other Information

Planners: Your child will have a weekly goal chart in the agenda. This will be in primary mode of communication about conduct or assignments.  Please review your child’s agenda each evening and sign it on Friday.

Weekly Newsletter: Every other Friday we will send home a weekly newsletter with information about our week.  There will be reminders about upcoming tests and events at school.  Please be sure to read this!

Completed Work/Courier: Your child will regularly bring work home in their courier. Reflection on completed work is very valuable; spend some time with your child looking at things he/she has accomplished.

                           Weekly Homework 

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